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Welcome to VIP Remedies!

I'm a Holistic Nutritionist and Herbalist. I wanted to share the truth with you on pretty much everything health, and so much more that you deserve to know for FREE.  A lot of other creators and top 1% people like to put this information behind paywalls.

This website from pretty much scratch to provide you with a lot of the right information on the lifestyle changes I recommend if you want to feel younger, healthier, and have a much stronger immune system

Be sure to read everything thoroughly and go through all the tabs and watch the videos in order to get the full experience. I know that with taking action on your health from here you can definitely change and improve at least one of the most important parts of your life! Health is a choice. It's NOT a privilege. 

Only you can take these opportunities and run with them. This is simply a giant guidepost in your life, if you are reading this. So, consider yourself blessed as you've stumbled across a goldmine of Information to get you and your family on the right track. 

Words that are underlined in my website are hyperlinked to guide you to the right destinations. Use them to your advantage! Parents, you start here. And then continue reading this.

Everything I've put in here are the types of things you NEED to have control over, especially with your finances and health investments. Invest in things that serve you purpose and benefit you in the long run. Take control of your life before it controls you.

Solution 1: The Water that YOU Drink is KILLING YOU!

The water that I drink helps me live longer, age slower, intracellularly hydrates my entire body, reduces inflammation and oxidation, loads my body up with antioxidants, improves my eye health, and helps me make tea three times as fast. Long story short, your body desperately NEEDS this water, and you need to figure out how to get this water. You need to keep up with your health like you do your car. Watch this Video to learn about Hydrogen Water.

Solution 2: Know What To Avoid!

Knowing exactly what to avoid and what to eat regardless of what you "like" is as straightforward as asking yourself "How much worse will I allow my life and health to get before I decide to make the right changes for my health? Health IS Wealth! We all talk of sustainability, but what is the human version of it? Homeostasis. And how do we maintain proper health? It all starts by what you consume, PROPER food and water. Click, download, and enjoy this EPIC PDF that will get you started on exactly what to eat and what to avoid, ingredients to watch out for, places where you can buy the food I buy, and so much more!

Solution 3: Understand The Grocery Store!

Most of us have been taught to buy without looking at nutritional facts and Ingredients lists on food. Especially me. I'll never buy anything without looking at the ingredients FIRST now. If you simply look up the side effects of said suspicious ingredient, you can simply find the truth for yourself. You might be asking yourself, well what do you buy? Knowing what to buy comes with knowing what to avoid. 

90% of grocery store brands and their products are simply upsold poison. Even most of the organic and vegan/keto products. Start thinking SEEDED fruits and vegetables, from the farmers market and other solutions mentioned in my Approved foods list. And STAY AWAY from soy and wheat ANYTHING, even organic, it doesn't matter, all soy products produce fake estrogen and the simple carbs, gluten, glucose, and corn in your bread you just bought is partially causing weight gain!! You should cut that stuff out of your diet without hesitation if you want a higher quality of life.

Solution 4: Mind Your Gut, Keep Your Mind!

My grandma told me that one time when I was younger. That makes Anxiety & Depression chemical imbalances. Same can be said for hundreds of issues actually. Did you read the ingredients of that snack you just ate? How many chemicals did you eat today? What did they do to your health that you don't know about? Why do people somehow believe humans are designed to run off manmade and GMO foods that are made of lab chemicals, sawdust aka cellulose, citric acid aka aspergillus niger aka black mold, toxins, and carcinogens? 

When we eat these processed foods created with only TASTE and not our HEALTH in mind, our entire lives HEAVILY suffer within 10-20 years, sometimes sooner because of how long these chemicals and free radicals stay in the body. When the mom feeds herself toxic foods during her pregnancy and isn't eating healthy and clean whole foods, the baby comes out suffering from potential diseases. 

Solution 5: Begin To Understand the Science Behind Weight Loss!

Weight loss is the easiest task once you understand the science behind why its gained. Sugar spikes insulin and insulin promotes weight gain. The saying goes "the bigger the body the smaller the brain." It's unfortunately very true. Sugar is NOT the only factor as to why somebody may be overweight or obese. It's as simple as if people knew how to lose weight, it would have been done already. Watch this video below, then continue. The man talking in the video below is Dr. Sebi's son who continues to carry out the facts about many health subjects, this one is on sugar.

Solution 6: Unlearn and Relearn The Exact TRUTHS About our Health!

Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factors (BDNF) are known as "Miracle Grow" for your brain. The BDNF protein helps regulate synaptic plasticity, which is very important for learning and memory. You will notice that a majority of anti-depressant drugs target BDNFs. Fasting and Exercise are the two main factors of BDNF production which influences a much healthier and less depressed brain!

Negative factors such as overwhelming stress, lack of exercise, oxidative stress from diet, and gaining weight will shorten our telomeres. A Telomere is the last 20% of your DNA. Each time a cell divides and replicates, the DNA at the end of telomeres shorten. Since cell division happens throughout life, telomeres get shorter as we age. When the telomeres run out, the cell becomes inactive or dies, which leads to diseases. Watch this YouTube video to better understand how to be healthy.

Solution 7: Stop Consuming Red Meat, Seedless Produce, & Vegetable Oils!!!

Whether you want to accept this or not is up to you. But it has come a point in our modern Food World that most red meats, and even 3D printed meat is on the shelves in our corporate grocery stores. All of those low quality highly processed repackaged red meats are listed as a schedule 1 carcinogen.  Stop eating prepackaged toxins, parasites and dead protein. You've heard of biohacking. That means we are bioelectrical beings. Low quality meat serves no value to our bodies!!!!

Not to mention that the people running the corporate food labs are playing the role of God in our food supply. They have tampered with the natural reproduction of fruit and vegetable seeds. Imagine a seedless human. That just sounds so demoralizing. Infertility already exists. Imagine where it could possibly stem from.  The Terminator gene was invented by a company that forced farmers to rely on biotech companies for their supply. Watch these short videos.

Solution 8: Change Without Effort!

You have to stop playing Russian roulette with your health and stop thinking twice about investments in yourself and your health. The only thing preventing you from achieving your goals are the ideas you have been programmed to think. The ideas that have been taught to you will keep you where you are in reality. After the age of seven, the only time you can alter your reality is while you're asleep.

Solution 9: Wake Up, Don't Eat, Let Your Glycogen Deplete!

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Neurogenesis, neuroplasticity, and BDNF are some key components in mental health and the overall longevity of the human brain. They love to preach that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but it's really not. When you wake up and eat right away, it spikes your blood sugar and completely halts your bodies fasting process while you were sleeping. You need to let your glycogen deplete for a few hours upon waking up. I never liked eating breakfast, not even when I was younger. I knew something was wrong about it. 

Solution 10: Take Action On The MANY Different Avenues of Holistic Wellness!

The best place to start is to ultimately change your water! You can also start with an exploration of my wildcrafted herbal teas which offer a variety of flavors and tons of different epic health benefits!!

If you love food just as much as I do, these tiny, nutrient, protein, chlorophyll, and amino acid-packed microgreens are highly nutritious. They are an amazing addition to many dishes like salads and soups. There are so many different kinds of microgreens, my favorites are chia, hemp, arugula, and alfalfa microgreens.

If that's not your thing, you can start with my Approved foods list mentioned above in Solution 2.

Not to mention, working out is great for you but if you are eating garbage protein powders and trashy foods with toxic ingredients and heavy metals and thinking its benefitting you, you are wrong. You are what you eat and what you eat determines your emotions and mental health as well. BUT if you do want to get into exercise the right way, get into Calisthenics. The only things I strongly recommend doing if you do that is eat quality food and drink quality water to properly replenish your body's repair process.

If you want to dive right into a full body detoxification which is what all of you need, then it all begins where it ends...the colon! The colon is one of the most important organs to detoxify first because that's where the most toxins reside.

In addition to all of that, incorporate Intermittent fasting and grounding into your daily wellness routines

"It's Not About What Anything Costs, It's About What It's Going to Cost You If You Don't Make a Change" - ElementVIP